Designing Meaningful Learning Experiences

Learner-Centered Workshop:

Designing Meaningful, Relevant, and Engaging Learning Experiences

  • 1-day virtual session
  • Date TBA

About This Workshop

“All kids care about something. It’s my job to figure out what that something is and run with it.”

– Bill Nave, Student Centered Learning

How do we engage learners in authentic, participatory, and relevant learning experiences in our virtual and in-person classrooms? How can we empower learners to leverage their strengths and interests to solve problems that matter to them? In this workshop, we will focus on learners’ interests, needs, and goals to inspire meaningful, self-driven learning.

This interactive experience will be guided by our learner-centered approach, which promotes and cultivates equitable and inclusive learning communities. During this session, participants will:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the characteristics of authentic learning and its impact on learners.
  • investigate structures and strategies that foster authentic learning.
  • explore the process of designing meaningful, relevant, and engaging learning experiences.
  • tap into our collaborative learning community for feedback and inspiration.

All Learner-Centered Workshops model experiences and practices that can be applied with young learners, too. Educators will engage in the learning process through collaboration, meaning-making, inquiry, and reflection; set goals aligned to current teaching practices and desired outcomes; build transferable skills and competencies that lead to transformational learning; and experience community-building practices that encourage and promote engagement.

When: Date TBA
Where: Zoom link will be sent to all registrants
Price: $200 per educator, 20% off when you register 5+ team members

Gratitude for this time and space to dive deeper into better understanding how to make assessments meaningful! Grateful for all the awesome educators in all of our breakout rooms!

– Poonam Leonard, Instructional Coach, El Segundo Unified School District

As a result of my learning, I will approach curriculum and content with more purpose and intention.

– Educator, The Hewitt School, site-based Workshop participant

This gave me time to be creative and thoughtful – and I am really excited about some assignments I’ve created as a result.

– Science teacher, El Segundo Unified School District, Fall 2020 Workshop participant

I used to create lessons because I had to cover the content. Now, I create meaningful lessons with a targeted objective, centered around student collaboration and growth.

– Math teacher, El Segundo Unified School District, Fall 2020 Workshop participant

Thank you for this training which pushed me to think more deeply about backwards design and about involving students in every step of the learning process. Having ownership over one’s learning is empowering.

– Faculty, Mercersburg Academy, site-based Workshop participant


Our Learner-Centered Workshops are designed and led by practitioners from across the country who are dedicated to supporting your learning experiences and, ultimately, your learners’ success. We can’t wait to meet and collaborate with you.

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