Gratitude from Our Team to You


I’m grateful for the students who love to learn and who make the work that we do matter.

  • Andy McCranie

I’m grateful for our Learner-Centered Collaborative community of partners and colleagues!

  • Brittany Griffin

I’m grateful to all of the school leaders that we work with who have been supporting students, families and educators in their communities.

  • Bryanna Hanson

I am grateful for educators who put students at the center and help them to see, own, and drive their learning. As a result, we are developing agency, collaboration, and problem-solving that will contribute to a brighter future for all.

  • Devin Vodicka

I’m grateful for our amazing partners who always inspire me to do my best.

  • Emily Amata

I’m grateful for the people I get to surround myself with, personally and professionally – they all have unique qualities and contributions that make this world a little bit better and brighter each day.

  • Erin Kahn

I’m grateful for the educators that care for our kids and cultivate their sense of self, their curiosity, and their kindness for themselves and others.

  • Joanna Libby

I am grateful for the educators that we get to work with for all they do to meet learners where they are and help them achieve their full potential.

  • Katie Martin

I’m grateful for our students from whom we continue to learn.

  • Kelsey Payne

I’m grateful for our partners and their willingness to collaborate and think through tough questions and push their learner-centered practice forward.

  • Lazaro Sanchez

I’m grateful for our partners, for their tenacity and unwavering commitment to our learners.

  • LeShae Daniel

I’m grateful for educators (especially my children’s teachers) who inspire and instill confidence in kids, for our team, and for the opportunity to volunteer with colleagues thanks to Learner-Centered Collaborative’s VTO policy.

  • Naomi Chusid

I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with an amazing team that is talented, supportive, and inclusive. Working with such a creative group of individuals has been a joy and makes doing the work that much more inspiring!

  • Nisha Lakhiani

I’m grateful for our partners who inspire us every day and believe in our learner-centered mission.

  • Sadie Henderson

I am grateful for such wonderful co-workers that work hard for our mission right alongside me.

  • Sandy Cima

I am grateful for family.

  • Tara Moroney

As the son of an incredibly dedicated grade school teacher, I am grateful to be working with a group of talented and passionate individuals who are so committed to improving educational outcomes for all.

  • Todd Brecher

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