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Summer 2022 Professional Learning

Reflection, Rejuvenation, and Inspiration

Learner-Centered Collaborative Summer Professional Learning

Join us for a summer of learner-centered collaboration. With the summer comes time for reflection, rejuvenation, and inspiration. Explore Learner-Centered Collaborative’s summer offerings to prepare you for a learner-centered school year.

Designed for:
Teachers, coaches, leaders


  • Professional learning academies
  • Design sessions
  • Webinars
  • Book Clubs

Connect and Learn

Build your network and grow alongside learner-centered educators

Learner-Centered Design Session (1 day)

Bring a problem of practice as we connect and dive deep into solutions. What are the blockers to learner-centered education? Let’s dive in and create a plan.

June 30 |  Learn More

3-part Webinar Series: Kicking Off Your Learner-Centered School Year

The start of the school year can set the tone for the entire year. Join us for a 3-part webinar series that will explore learner-centered back-to-school planning from the perspective of educators, school leaders, and district leaders.

June 21, 28, & July 19 | Learn More

Build Your Knowledge

Dig deep into learner-centered resources

Book Club is back! Learner-Centered Leadership with Devin Vodicka

Join Learner-Centered Collaborative CEO, Devin Vodicka, for a 3-week Book Club as we dive into his latest publication, Learner-Centered Leadership.

July 7, 14, 21

Explore learner-centered resources

Our team has been working behind the scenes to share our insights and examples from the field. Explore our Case Studies and Blogs.

Learner-Centered Collaborative Summer Bingo Card

Want to check things off your list? Access our Learner-Centered Summer Bingo Card here!

As a result of my learning, I will approach curriculum and content with more purpose and intention.

– Educator, The Hewitt School, site-based Workshop participant

This gave me time to be creative and thoughtful – and I am really excited about some assignments I’ve created as a result.

– Science teacher, El Segundo Unified School District, Fall 2020 Workshop participant

I used to create lessons because I had to cover the content. Now, I create meaningful lessons with a targeted objective, centered around student collaboration and growth.

– Math teacher, El Segundo Unified School District, Fall 2020 Workshop participant

Thank you for this training which pushed me to think more deeply about backwards design and about involving students in every step of the learning process. Having ownership over one’s learning is empowering.

– Faculty, Mercersburg Academy, site-based Workshop participant

Gratitude for this time and space to dive deeper into better understanding how to make assessments meaningful! Grateful for all the awesome educators in all of our breakout rooms!

– Poonam Leonard, Instructional Coach, El Segundo Unified School District

Jumpstart Your Learning

Check out our collection of learner-centered resources and tools to start evolving your practices today.

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