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Centering Learners By Design

We are educators, administrators, and change-makers committed to supporting educators, schools, districts, and states realize their vision for learner-centered education.

Why learner-centered education?

In a learner-centered paradigm young people are prepared to embrace challenges, navigate complex situations, leverage technology to solve problems, create efficiencies, and learn how to learn as the world and workplace evolve.

How do we get there?

✔️ Define whole-learner outcomes that take into account skills, habits, knowledge to thrive in a modern world.

✔️ Design meaningful learning experiences to achieve your desired outcomes.

✔️ Create enabling conditions and systems that support the desired outcomes and learning experiences.

Our learner-centered footprint

150+ Partners  •  30 States  •  2 million students  •  150,000 educators

It’s Your Journey

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“Learner-Centered Collaborative has created a learning environment for site leaders and their teams to plan with intent, focus keenly on how improvement efforts align and support instructional areas of focus, and find common points of interest with other sites to ensure quality collaboration.” 

– Rachel Gil, Instructional Coach, Santa Ana Unified School District

“Having a clear and aligned Framework for the Future has been so positive for our district—and the true payoff is walking through classes and seeing our learning model in action with students and teachers as we reimagine learning.” 

– Kim Kuklensi, Principal, Mesa Union School District

“I used to think I had to design all of the instruction, but if it’s learner centered, there’s no reason why students cannot be part of that process as well.” 

– Teacher, Middlesboro Independent Schools, Kentucky

“Learner-Centered Collaborative has been instrumental in the transformative journey that we are on in Santa Ana Unified School District….We’ve taken a multi-pronged approach to the work, with Learner-Centered Collaborative serving as thought partners for district leadership, supporting and facilitating principals meetings as well as instructional learning walks at school sites across the district.” 

– Dr. Lorraine Perez, Deputy Superintendent Educational Services, Santa Ana Unified School District

“Materials provided were very engaging and relevant, and there were plenty of opportunities given to engage in meaningful ways, both alone and in small groups, to brainstorm and explore how they can be used in our own classroom environments.” 

– Teacher, Colorado Springs School District, Colorado

“I am really enjoying our sessions! You do a nice job of breaking things up so it moves quickly enough to keep everyone’s attention. You seem to be genuinely excited about the work, which is infectious.” 

– District participant, Learner-Centered Leadership Pathway, Laguna Beach Unified School District

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🎉 As the school year comes to a close, it's important to take a moment to reflect on our journey. 

Our new "End of Year Reflection Tool" is designed to help educators, leaders, and learners celebrate successes, learn from challenges, and set intentions for the future. This tool encourages you to take time to pause, reflect, and share with others. Let's celebrate the incredible work we've done and look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead! 

Download the free tool now and make reflection a meaningful part of your end-of-year activities. https://learnercentered.org/tools/end-of-year-reflection/

#EndOfYearReflection #LearnerCentered
Erica Slobodnik, an educator @duquesnecitysd, shares about her experience as an Innovation Cohort participant and her broader story as a second-grade teacher who is driven to make every learning experience as meaningful as possible for her students.

In her teaching, she honors the idea of "parallelism"—if it doesn't work for adults, why would we expect it to work for kids?

That simple idea has driven her consistent commitment to centering learners by design and elevating engagement in her classroom.

Learn more about how she approaches learner-centered learning at the second grade level and what the simple belief in "kids can do anything" has made possible on our blog!
We all need time to reflect on our learning in ways that work best for us.

Pairing in-person professional learning opportunities with our personalized, asynchronous online courses ensures every educator engages in multi-modal learning they can immediately apply to their daily work.

With 21 online courses available, there is a topic for every educator to strengthen their  learner-centered practice. What topic will you tackle next?
💪 Another week, another stellar example of what we can do when we center learners by design!

In South San Francisco Unified School District, we wrapped up our final session of the year with the Guiding Coalition. The group, energy, and alignment keeps on growing!

@lamont_district's Innovation Cohort celebrated their learning for the year with some touching reflections on their experience. These educators are paving the way and bringing the district's Learner Profile to life!

@MentorPublicSchools showed off their commitment to centering learners by design with 12 of their 44 Guiding Coalition participants consisting of young people. Elementary-aged learners were dropping absolute gems about what "school" could be.

During our Competency-Based Reporting Convening, a student panel shared powerful insights about the challenges of traditional grading and the power of a competency-based model. Then, leaders from six different schools and systems shared how they are currently assessing, grading, and reporting in a competency-based way. We ended the day with discussions about what’s needed to continue this work!

And to wrap up the week, we had our latest UCSD LCC Research Convening where we came together to explore how professional collaborations and highlighting bright spots can lead to impactful discoveries and solutions.

🔥 Ready to take your learner-centered work to the next level? Give us a shout at collaborate@learnercentered.org
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