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This week we saw a nice overlap of year-end celebrations and new partnerships kicking off!

Del Mar Union School District brought members of the community together to engage in conversations around their Destination 2028 vision. We can't wait to build on these ideas throughout the summer and meet again in September!

@ocdeptofed was entrenched in deep, meaningful conversations as they shaped their final Mission, Vision, and Values statements, and prototyped their 2024-25 scorecard. The journey has entailed a high level of engagement with internal and external education partners.

@santaanausd's Innovation and Design Cohort wrapped up their fourth and final meeting of the year. They proposed recommendations for bringing the Framework for the Future, (specifically, Authentic Learning) to life in the coming years.

Greenfield Union School District's Guiding Coalition celebrated a year of amazing work, which included finalizing their Framework for the Future, and engaged in creative conversations on how they can build out learner progressions for future implementation.

Design Teams at El Segundo Unified School District celebrated their Graduate Profile Portfolios and created strategic plans to sustain and scale their work in the coming school year.

To all of our partners, thank you for showing up engaged and ready to create the best learning environments for the young people you serve!
Our friends @embarkeducation are hosting a week-long program designed to support educators in gearing up for their best year yet. 

During The Summer Institute, participants will build community, shifting mindsets around learner-centered design, and create action steps they can bring to their school or classroom. Whether you are an educator, department head, policy maker, or consultant, if you believe there has got to be a better way forward in education, this week is for you!

Head over to to learn more!
🎉 As the school year comes to a close, it's important to take a moment to reflect on our journey. 

Our new "End of Year Reflection Tool" is designed to help educators, leaders, and learners celebrate successes, learn from challenges, and set intentions for the future. This tool encourages you to take time to pause, reflect, and share with others. Let's celebrate the incredible work we've done and look forward to the exciting opportunities ahead! 

Download the free tool now and make reflection a meaningful part of your end-of-year activities.

#EndOfYearReflection #LearnerCentered
Erica Slobodnik, an educator @duquesnecitysd, shares about her experience as an Innovation Cohort participant and her broader story as a second-grade teacher who is driven to make every learning experience as meaningful as possible for her students.

In her teaching, she honors the idea of "parallelism"—if it doesn't work for adults, why would we expect it to work for kids?

That simple idea has driven her consistent commitment to centering learners by design and elevating engagement in her classroom.

Learn more about how she approaches learner-centered learning at the second grade level and what the simple belief in "kids can do anything" has made possible on our blog!
We all need time to reflect on our learning in ways that work best for us.

Pairing in-person professional learning opportunities with our personalized, asynchronous online courses ensures every educator engages in multi-modal learning they can immediately apply to their daily work.

With 21 online courses available, there is a topic for every educator to strengthen their  learner-centered practice. What topic will you tackle next?
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