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Our Team, An Extension of Your Team

Inspired by what’s possible for learners, our educator-run organization blends passion, research-informed practices, and decades of experience in education to accelerate the shift to learner-centered education.

Building upon the unique strengths of communities, districts, schools, and individuals is integral to our learner-centered approach. Get to know the strengths we bring to our work—and we are eager to learn about yours, too!

<strong>Devin Vodicka</strong>
Devin VodickaChief Executive Officer

Futuristic, Strategic, Achiever, “Dance dad”

<strong>Katie Martin</strong>
Katie MartinChief Impact Officer

Relator, Positivity, Communication,
Barre enthusiast

Andy McCranie
Digital Strategist

Relator, Analytical, Individualization, Bad movie apologist

Ashley Ko
Communications and Special Project Associate

Adaptability, Intellection, Empathy, Live music enthusiast

Brittany Griffin
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Relator, Strategic, Achiever,
Avid traveler

Bryanna Hanson
Director of Learning Design

Activator, Communicator, Input, Tea aficionado

Catina Hancock

Activator, Positivity, WOO, Exercise enthusiast

J. César Morales

Learner, Relator, Achiever, Exercise & Snowboarding Enthusiast

Jesse Ross
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Empathy, Ideation, Learner, Rainy day runner

Joanna Libby
Senior VP, People and Operations

Responsibility, Harmony, Analytical, Karaoke fanatic

Katie Weisberg
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Individualization, Empathy, Achiever, Sierra Mountain Explorer

Kelly Williams
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Learner, Belief, Arranger, Individualization, Ideation

Liz Perry
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Relator, Individualization, Ideation & Self-care devotee

Marlon Styles, Jr.

Strategic, Futuristic, Arranger, Father

Meg Parry
Director, Strategic Partnerships

Learner, Input, Futuristic, Mountain Sports Lover

Paul Haluszczak
Communications and Special Project Associate

Input, Learner, Responsibility, Lifelong nerd

Sandy Cima
Director, People and Business Operations

Restorative, Empathy, Positivity, Hiking enthusiast

Zoë Randall
Professional Learning Specialist

Positivity, Arranger, Empathy, Adventure Lover

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