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Self-Paced Courses

Flexibly designed for personalized goal-setting and busy schedules

At Learner-Centered Collaborative we believe that learning is a process and not an event. We also believe that educators should experience the types of learning experiences that they are creating with their learners. This means professional learning for educators and leaders needs to be authentic, personalized, competency-based, inclusive and equitable.

Using these design principles, we’ve created a series of courses for educators and education leaders (K-12 classroom teachers, instructional coaches, principals, district leaders and more) that support the shift towards a learner-centered paradigm.

Courses are open! Explore and enroll below.

If you are interested in enrolling a group of 10 or more educators please let us know.

What to expect from our Courses

Our asynchronous online courses offer educators the opportunity to dive deep into learner-centered pedagogical practices and activities—on their own timeline, at their own pace.

Designed to connect new learning to current practices, each course consists of learning cycles that allow for practice within each module and are driven by self-assessment, reflection, and goal-setting. All courses culminate in protocols for synthesizing and reflecting on learning and for developing a portfolio of evidence of application.


Choose your topics and work at your own pace, returning to modules as you need


Access to an online learning community of other learner-centered educators

Authentic learning


Authentic performance tasks paired with quick “checks for understanding” to support you in practicing what you learn


About 10 hrs of learning + 5 additional hrs to complete the performance tasks


A variety of videos, readings, resources, activities and templates to support your learning

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Optional add-ons for Continuing Education Credits or Micro-Credentials

Course Offerings

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Courses for Classroom Educators & Instructional Coaches

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Courses for Leaders

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Book Study Courses

Courses for Classroom Educators and Instructional Coaches

Learner-Centered Introductory Courses

We offer courses that serve as introductions to learner-centered learning topics

Learner- Centered Foundations for Educators

Project Based Learning

Design Thinking

Learner-Centered AI

Learner-Centered Learning Experience Courses

These Courses are organized into 4 Pathways: Authentic, Personalized, Competency-Based, and Inclusive & Equitable Learning. You may choose to take an individual course, a series of courses across Pathways, or complete all 3 courses within a Pathway.

Not sure where to start? Take the diagnostic to see which Learner-Centered Pathways would be best for you.

Personalized learning pathway

Customize the Learning Experience

Amplify Learner Voice

Develop Learner Agency

Coming Winter 2023

Competency-based learning pathway

Plan with a Competency-Based Approach

Use Assessment as a Tool for Learning

Design Performance-Based Assessments

Authentic learning pathway

Design Real-World Learning Experiences

Spark Collaboration

Promote Anytime/Anywhere Learning

Equitable & Inclusive learning pathway

Nurture a Meaningful and Engaging Learning Community

Cultivate a Sense of Belonging

Partner with Learners to Reach their Full Potential

Coming Winter 2023

Courses for Leaders

These Courses are designed for any educator looking to lead a learner-centered learning environment.

Learner-Centered Leadership for Meaningful Change

Coming Fall 2023

Establishing the Enabling Conditions for Learner-Centered Transformation

Foundations of Learner-Centered Learning Experiences for Leaders

Coming Winter 2023

Book Study Courses

These Courses include videos from the authors walking you through their book with reflection opportunities and activities to apply your learning. These are a great place to start your learner-centered journey.

Learner-Centered Leadership Book Study

Coming Winter 2023

Evolving Education Book Study

Coming Winter 2023

We will be releasing our Courses beginning Summer 2023.

Interested in enrolling a group of 10 or more educators? Please let us know.

What Participants Are Saying

This was one of the most productive asynchronous courses I’ve taken. It was a good mix of learning, examples, and taking action to help my class this week (or next). I want to review it again through the lens of adult learning to help me better shape professional learning for teachers at my school. 

– Alden Thorpe, Gifted & Talented Specialist, Computer Science Specialist

The examples and resources are clear and implementable! 

– Alysia Haveman, Instructional Coach

Great course that will provide you with helpful resources, engaging reflective questions, and strategies that you can implement right away! You will be able to self-pace and lead your learning in the areas you feel you need to grow!  

– Amanda Waldo, Director of Teaching and Learning

Super flexible with awesome, useful resources and applications.  

– Jenny Schon, Director of Academics

For those struggling to identify effective group dynamics and establishing accountability in those groups, regardless of the learning methodology being utilized, this course will enhance your tool belt and improve your confidence in eliciting meaningful and authentic learning from all students.  

– Parker Collins, Teacher and Administrator

Excellent course that cuts right to the heart of facilitating collaborative learning. Laser-focused with a ton of resources.  

– Ben Curtiss, Teacher

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