Introducing Learner-Centered Collaborative

We are thrilled to have launched Learner-Centered Collaborative, a comprehensive professional learning organization, emerged from Altitude Learning, with a focus on coming together to co-design a more learner-centered future of education. While our organization is new, it builds and expands upon the work our team has been doing for years with partner schools across the country.

Why learner-centered and why now?

When we look to learners, we can see what’s working and what’s challenging, and ultimately we can start to envision what’s possible. To meet learners where they are, we envision a world where learners have agency, skills to collaborate with others, and opportunities to engage in solving problems that matter to them and their world.

Although this vision aligns with what many of us want for learners, these practices are not yet the norm. We still have systems that were designed for a different age, resulting in a compliance-based orientation focused on a narrow set of outcomes that no longer prepare students for the world that we live in.

Learner-Centered Collaborative is here to change that by helping schools, districts, and states bring thriving, learner-centered ecosystems to life by partnering with educators to define whole-learner outcomes, design meaningful learning experiences, and create the enabling conditions for their unique journey to inclusive and equitable learner-centered education. Our team has decades of experience, from the classroom to the superintendent’s office, and is passionate about supporting the shifts to learner-centered practices across diverse contexts.

Building upon our learner-centered foundation

To accelerate our efforts to address the urgent need for improvements, we are also expanding our offerings to include a broader array of professional learning experiences, all of which are grounded in our learner-centered framework.

LCC Framework

In parallel with celebrating these changes, the next phase of our journey will build on many of the foundations that have contributed to our impact to date. We are fortunate to have a team of amazing educational innovators and we will continue to support the growing community of 125+ school, district, and state partners that share a commitment to learner-centered education. In addition to our strategic and professional learning partners, our network includes continued support for the Altitude Learning platform, as well as the itslearning US platform.

Collectively, as humans, we have created the systems and structures for “school” as we know them today. Today, we have the agency and the responsibility to reimagine, reinvent, and realign our learning experiences to best serve each and every learner. We believe that the stakes are high and too important to do it alone. That’s why we’ve launched the Learner-Centered Collaborative. We look forward to being your partners on the journey.

In gratitude,

Devin & Katie

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