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  • Dates: October 13th, 20th, 27th
  • Time: 3:30-4:30 PT/ 6:30-7:30 ET
  • We’re reading: Evolving Education
  • Author: Katie Martin

Learner-Centered Book Club

Connect, learn, and get inspired at our Learner-Centered Collaborative Book Club! Open to all educators who are curious about or actively working toward learner-centered models of education, this free 3-week program is designed for all to join—synchronously or on your own time.

Featured books

Learner-Centered Leadership

By Devin Vodicka

The pace of change in our society is currently accelerating. Old concepts of authority and hierarchy have been challenged by the reality of a networked world, and bedrock ideas about what citizens need to know have been overturned by a constant drive to learn anew. For author, Devin Vodicka, the response to these challenges is both simple and all-encompassing: it is the learner who is constant in the new world, and therefore educators must empower the learner to drive their journey.

Start reading it today! Download the introduction.

Evolving Education

By Katie Martin

In Evolving Education, Dr. Katie Martin advocates for a much-needed shift to a learner-centered teaching model. Learner-centered education creates purposeful, personalized, authentic, and competency-based experiences that help students develop skills that empower them to learn, grow, and solve problems that matter to them and others. This book offers a deep dive into how educators can harness new technologies, learning sciences, and pedagogy that center learners and learning.

Start reading it today! Download the first chapter.

What we’re reading:
Learner-Centered Leadership

Each week Learner-Centered Leadership author Devin Vodicka will dive into a key theme of his book and participants will come away with strategies and practical next steps to bring to their school and classroom communities.

Book Club Session Overview:

July 7: Session 1
Framework for the Future

  • How might we recognize and celebrate the diversity of our learners, our families, and our communities?

July 14: Session 2
Relational Trust & Social Capital

  • How might we improve collaboration throughout our systems to improve the likelihood of successful diffusion of innovation?

July 21: Session 3
Learner-Centered Systems

  • How might you promote transformational change in your learning community?
  • How might you move in the direction of “measuring what matters” and embracing postindustrial outcomes, such as agency, collaboration, and problem-solving?

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