Evolving Education Book Study

Prioritize what matters most: relationships, connection, purpose, flexibility, agency, and authentic learning

  • 5 hours, self-paced, online
  • Single course: $50
  • Required Text: Evolving Education. (Buy Now)

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Evolving Education Book Study Course Overview

Read Evolving Education: Shifting to a Learner-Centered Paradigm and participate in reflection, discussion and activities guided through video from the author, Dr. Katie Martin, to prioritize what matters most: relationships, connection, purpose, flexibility, agency and authentic learning. This book articulates how to redefine success, design meaningful learning experiences and create the enabling conditions to make it all happen.

Modules will include videos, lessons, reflection activities, checks for understanding, additional resources and a performance task to apply what you learn.

Module 1
Answer what is personalized learning? Why is it important? How can I amplify learner voice to personalize learning?
Module 2
Solicit feedback
Design a learner survey and a plan to use the feedback to inform your next steps.
Module 3
Promote equity of voice
Design at least 3 learning experiences incorporating protocols or strategies to elevate learner voices equitably.
Module 4
Engage learners as decision makers
Identify and plan an in- or out-of class opportunity for learners to participate in decision-making that impacts the classroom or school.
Module 5
Reflect on practices

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