Learner-Centered AI

Supercharge yourself as an educator and empower your students

  • 5 hours, self-paced, online
  • Single course: $50

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Learner-Centered AI Course Overview

Whether you’ve been dabbling with ChatGPT and other AI tools or this is all new to you, this course will dive into how AI is changing the world, including education. It will give you actionable ideas and tools you can use to supercharge yourself as an educator (and save time) and empower your students in a learner-centered learning environment. The course will also introduce various challenges and concerns with AI, specifically in an education space, and provide you resources and tools to grapple with them.

Modules will include videos, lessons, reflection activities, checks for understanding, additional resources and a performance task to apply what you learn.

Module 1
What is AI?
Use ChatGPT to help you solve a problem
Module 2
How might AI supercharge educators?
Use an AI tool to help you plan a learning experience or make something you do more efficient.
Module 3
How can AI supercharge learning?
Design a learning experience that includes students using AI.
Module 4
How can we overcome challenges with AI?
Identify a challenge and ask ChatGPT for advice on how to overcome it.


Understanding AI

I understand what AI is, how it will change the world and why I should leverage it now.

Supercharge educators with AI

I can leverage AI tools to supercharge my teaching practice.

Supercharge learners with AI

I support learners to leverage AI to supercharge their learning.


Overcome challenges with AI

I understand the ethical and logistical challenges with leveraging AI in the classroom.


Course Enrollment

Enrollment includes:

  • 1 year of access to the course in the Thinkific platform
  • Access to an online community of learner-centered educators.
  • Access to team members available to answer questions within 48 hours.
  • Certificate of completion upon finishing course