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Educator Collaborations

Your Goals, Your Practices, Our Support

If we want to change how students learn, we must change how educators learn. At Learner-Centered Collaborative, this means designing professional learning experiences and resources for adult learners that model those we want for young learners—experiences that connect authentically to each learner, are personalized, inclusive, and equitable, and develop competencies aligned to goals.

Designed for:
Teachers, coaches, leaders


  • Synchronous 1-day and multi-session workshops
  • Self-paced courses

Learner-Centered Workshops

Professional learning and collaboration unite at our Learner-Centered Workshops.
Offered in one-day and multi-session formats to fit into a variety of schedules, these synchronous learning experiences bring together teachers, coaches, and leaders to deepen learner-centered pedagogical practices aligned to current work—enabling new learning to be brought to life right away. Educators will come away with strategies, learning design frameworks, and toolkits to support academic, social, and emotional learning for all learners.


While educators across the country are setting the foundation for a learner-centered school year, we’re putting the finishing touches on our suite of workshops designed to support you throughout the year. Let us know your interests and we’ll be sure to contact you once registration opens up.

Deepening Understanding of Learner-Centered Practices

Deepening Understanding of Learner-Centered Assessments

Checking for Understanding with Formative Assessment


Designing Meaningful, Relevant, and Engaging Learning Experiences

Supporting Student Metacognition

Designing Quality, Performance-Based Assessments

Self-Paced Courses

Flexibly designed for personalized goal-setting and busy schedules.

These asynchronous online courses offer educators the opportunity to dive deep into learner-centered pedagogical practices and activities—on their own timeline, at their own pace.

Designed to connect new learning to current practices, each course consists of learning cycles that allow for practice within each module and are driven by self-assessment, reflection, and goal-setting. All courses culminate in protocols for synthesizing and reflecting on learning and for developing a portfolio of evidence of application.

Notify me when courses are available.

As a result of my learning, I will approach curriculum and content with more purpose and intention.

– Educator, The Hewitt School, site-based Workshop participant

This gave me time to be creative and thoughtful – and I am really excited about some assignments I’ve created as a result.

– Science teacher, El Segundo Unified School District, Fall 2020 Workshop participant

I used to create lessons because I had to cover the content. Now, I create meaningful lessons with a targeted objective, centered around student collaboration and growth.

– Math teacher, El Segundo Unified School District, Fall 2020 Workshop participant

Thank you for this training which pushed me to think more deeply about backwards design and about involving students in every step of the learning process. Having ownership over one’s learning is empowering.

– Faculty, Mercersburg Academy, site-based Workshop participant

Gratitude for this time and space to dive deeper into better understanding how to make assessments meaningful! Grateful for all the awesome educators in all of our breakout rooms!

– Poonam Leonard, Instructional Coach, El Segundo Unified School District

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