Creating and Realizing a Profile of Success Throughout a District

Logan County Schools

Logan County Schools

Creating and Realizing a Profile of Success Throughout a District

Public, rural school district, spanning 120 miles in Russellville, Kentucky
Serving 3,100 students in five PK-8th grade schools, one high school, and one Career and Technology Center


Learning Walks, Profile of Success, Success Indicators, Learning Model, Defenses of Learning, Book Study, LC Innovators Facilitation


Logan County Schools partnered with Learner-Centered Collaborative to develop a Profile of Success driven by an opt-in team of educators known as the LC Innovators. Recognizing that success hinges on buy-in from the entire learning community, the team regularly tests, reflects, shares, and refines their work with input from all school sites with convenings led by Learner-Centered Collaborative. This collaboration has grounded the Profile of Success and the Success Indicators with clear alignment that enables the Learning Model to both double as student and educator competencies driving work throughout the district.


With a clear Profile of Success, LC Innovators sought to identify models and examples in practice through Learning Walks facilitated by our team. The insights gained have validated their ongoing learner-centered work and inspired new ideas which they share on a website for teachers to see Profile of Success competencies and impacts in real classroom settings.

To demonstrate student competencies aligned to the Profile of Success our teams co-designed and implemented Defenses of Learning, which we prototyped and tested, and, in the 2021-2022 school year, each student in grades 5, 8, and 12 created a Defense of Learning.

Now, informed by data and feedback indicating both student and educator progress toward success metrics, Logan County and Learner-Centered Collaborative continue to build and expand learner-centered capacity throughout the district—ultimately empowering students and educators as agents of their own learning and growth.


  • In only two years, the LC Innovators identified the needs, sought input, and created a shared vision that each site team was able to put into action.
  • 6 educator competencies were identified to support the Profile of Success in a cohesive Learning Model.
  • Digital Coaches have created a shared site for teachers and students to find resources, templates, and examples to build electronic portfolios and draw inspiration for their Defenses of Learning.
  • 100% of 5th, 8th, and 12th graders in the 2021-22 school year presented their Defense of Learning, reflecting student individuality and personality.
  • Multiple PLCs (content and grade specific) met with cross district groupings on competencies as they shared resources, reflected, and decided on actionable next steps.

We aren’t just creating students. We are creating better citizens.

– Paul Mullins, Superintendent, Logan County Schools

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