Educators create what they experience, which is why two leading organizations have teamed up to bring districts, schools, and educators a transformational learning experience.

June 1, 2022—SAN FRANCISCO, CA—2Revolutions and Learner-Centered Collaborative have partnered to accelerate learner-centered education by providing a job-embedded Master’s of Education in Teacher Leadership with a specialization in learner-centered education that builds internal leadership and instructional capacity while modeling the learning we want for students. This groundbreaking program will build a vanguard of leaders with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to drive transformation in classrooms and communities. The program is designed as a cohort-based model to build coherence and capacity throughout teams.

Adam Rubin, Founder & CEO at 2Revolutions, has observed “that real and lasting change lies in building buy-in and ownership for learner-centered classrooms and systems.  This program is a powerful tool to affect change at scale, helping educators deepen their understanding of the instructional, assessment and leadership shifts needed to sustain benefits for all learners.”

In the words of Dr. Katie Martin, Chief Impact Officer of Learner-Centered Collaborative: “If we want to change how students learn, we must change how educators learn.” This program is unique because it models a competency-based, learner-centered experience with a focus on demonstrating application of learning. It is designed to allow learners to pursue flexible pathways based on their authentic needs and interests and to support participants learning at their own pace by providing opportunities to demonstrate competency through culminating tasks when ready. Importantly, the program incorporates elements of self-driven learning as well as collaborative, cohort-based engagement.

Educators who complete the program will be able to apply the core components of a learner-centered model within instruction, assessment, and leadership. They will also be able to identify the requirements of a system that supports learner-centered pedagogies and create a plan to support transforming practice towards a learner-centered model. Seven 10-week terms of learning (80% asynchronous and 20% synchronous) culminate with a Capstone Celebration of Learning, giving learners the opportunity to reflect on their learning in meaningful ways. Upon course completion, graduates earn a 30-credit M.Ed or 15-credit certificate, thus increasing earning potential.

Adjunct faculty members for the program include district and school administrators as well as teacher leaders, all with deep background in learner-centered education. 

“This partnership is unique in that it brings together philosophically aligned organizations with unique and complementary origins and expertise,” said Devin Vodicka, CEO of Learner-Centered Collaborative. Vodicka expressed particular admiration for the competency-based experiences that 2Revolutions brings to the partnership which are an integral element of learner-centered education.

Additional information about the program can be found here

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2Revolutions is an education design lab focused on building educator and leader capacity to transform toward more equitable, learner-centered schools and systems. 2Revolutions is animated by a single insight: change occurs through people. We empower educators by building their knowledge, skills and mindsets to bring about the transformation of instruction, assessment and leadership. Founded in 2008, 2Revolutions has partnered with entrepreneurial leaders in state agencies, districts and higher education institutions in over 40 states.  Learn more.


Learner-Centered Collaborative is an educator-run non-profit built on decades of experiencing first-hand what works, what’s challenging, and what’s possible in education. Guided by the enduring truth that a learner-centered approach is the foundation for a successful, thriving learning community, Learner-Centered Collaborative partners with educators, schools, districts, and states to define whole-learner outcomes, design meaningful learning experiences, and create the enabling conditions for success on their unique journey to inclusive and equitable learner-centered education. Learn more


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