Authentic Learning Strategy:

Bring the Real World into the Classroom

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Blurring the boundaries between the classroom and the real world doesn’t only mean physically bringing learners outside the classroom walls. Equally important is bringing the real world into the classroom by connecting students with content experts, community members, or governmental organizations, or by using technology to go on virtual field trips.

Bright Spots

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Students Interview Experts

students interview a park ranger over zoom

Students in 4th grade at High Tech Elementary in San DIego conducted interviews over zoom with park rangers as they wrote and illustrated their national parks guide as a class. Read more about the project  here: “A Walk in the Parks”

Know Your Neighborhood

Students in Santa Ana Unified created a visual representation of all of the assets in their local neighborhood.

Career Path Interviews

Kindergarteners at Design39 in San Diego interviewed family and community members about their jobs and created a visual representation of their learning about different vocations and career paths.

Virtual Field Trips

Source: Ms. Knaupp on X/Twitter

Students in East Williston School District engaged in a virtual field trip to learn about what happens to slime in space!

Source: Sheboygan Falls High on X/Twitter

Students at Sheboygon Falls High School took virtual field trips to the countries they learned about during summer school.

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Connect with the Community:
I connect learners with the local and global community through learning experiences that happen both in and outside of the classroom