Personalized Learning Strategy:

Create Learner Jobs

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Learners identify classroom leadership roles, creating a sense of accountability for their classroom community. Learners can take on jobs like classroom photographer, greeter (for guests), birthday celebrator, historian, etc. There are so many ways that students can help! Learner jobs create a sense of ownership for the students and empower them to take on responsibilities that make the learning community function.

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Elementary Classroom Helpers

Learners at CCDS take part in different classroom jobs throughout the year.

Learner-Created Jobs

Students in Kelsey Simpson’s class co-designed the jobs needed and wrote out descriptions and how many of each would be needed.

Middle and High School Class “Consultants”

In addition to specific classroom jobs, you can ask learners to sign up as “consultants” who can help other peers with certain skills that you have been working on in class.

Job Applications

Source: Math with Meaning

In Duquesne City Schools, the classroom jobs are linked to the RIASEC framework from World of Work, providing elementary students with Job Applications

Beyond just doing the job, having learner jobs in the classroom can support learners in building the skills necessary to apply for and interview for jobs, which are real-world skills and support developing learner agency.


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