Inclusive & Equitable Learning Strategy:

Do Quick and Fun Check-Ins Regularly

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Getting to know learners and building relationships can take time but dedicating a little bit of time each day or throughout the day through a variety of small routines and activities can go a long way. Check-in questions can range from silly prompts such as “would you rather?” to asking students to tell stories and share something deeper about themselves.

Bright Spots

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Human Scavenger Hunt Bingo


Generate a scavenger hunt card with your own prompts and have students walk around the room trying to see if they can find a signature from different classmates for each square of the card. This activity requires that students (and teachers who participate too!) ask questions of their classmates and learn about them.

Stand Up If…

Use this check-in or energizer (and come up with your own statements) even in the middle of class to get students sharing about themselves in a low-risk way that also gets them physically moving. Another version of this is a cross the line activity.

Daily Themes

Use a different theme for each day to focus on for a daily activity to get to build community

Source: Megan Margerum on Twitter


Source: A Word on Third Blog

You can use this activity during a class meeting, as an energizer in the middle of a lesson or at the end of a long day to get out some energy. Call out one way students should move around the room (the first column), one way students should greet each other (the second column) and one topic they should share about. Then students move around the room according to the directions, find a partner, greet them according to the directions and then share about the topic with their partner.


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Associated Learner-Centered Competencies:

Build Relationships: I invest time to get to know my learners and for my learners to know me. (Authentic-Spark Collaboration)

Plan & Design for Equitable SEL: I design learning experiences that develop social and emotional skills and model my own social-emotional learning for learners.

Build Community with Learners:
I build learners’ ability to be in a community with others, especially those of different backgrounds, identities, and strengths.