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Passion Projects

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Empowering learners to develop the knowledge and skills of your course by exploring their interests is a powerful approach. It can increase student engagement and motivation, it can help students see the relevance and real-world application of what they are learning, and it can provide opportunities for students to develop and showcase their strengths and talents.

Teachers can weave student interests into learning experiences by providing choice in assignments or projects, incorporating student-selected materials or topics, using examples or case studies that relate to student interests, and allowing for opportunities for students to explore their own passions and interests within the curriculum. This can lead to a more personalized and engaging learning experience that meets the needs and interests of individual students

Bright Spots

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Genius Hour

4th grade Dual Language Teacher at Jackson Avenue, Daniela Rodriguez leverages Genius Hour to give her learners the opportunity to explore their passions and make a difference in their community. Photo credit

Genius Project

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At Sage Creek High School in Carlsbad, CA students work on a multiple-year genius project that is student-chosen and is designed to help learners follow their passion, make an impact and challenge themselves to learn something new.


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I co-create learning experiences with students based on their interests, strengths, and passions

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I design learning experiences that offer flexibility in process, product and/or pace.