Equitable and Inclusive Learning Strategy:

Use Art to Get to Know Learners

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Research consistently shows that when students have supportive relationships and feel known at school, learning accelerates. Making consistent, strategic efforts to deeply see and know your students will provide a powerful foundation for learning.

Bright Spots

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Asset-Based Self-Portaits

Source: Ms. Vuong-Dac on Twitter

Provide students a silhouette of a face or have them draw a self-portrait and fill it with attributes that describe their best qualities.

Who I am Flowers

Students in Kindergarten Spanish class described themselves in Spanish and drew pictures to create a flower that represented who they are.

QR Code Videos

Have students create videos sharing about themselves and then create QR codes to display in the hallways for all community members to learn about each other.

I am Posters

Students in a 5th grade Spanish class wrote on white boards words to describe themselves. The poster in the middle says “I know who I am and I am full of possibilities”.

Where I’m from poems

Source: Iliana Sucre on Twitter

Poetry is another form of art. Consider showing Willow Smith’s “I am Me” music video to spark student thinking for their “I am” or “Where I’m From” poems.

Identity Boxes

Personalized Boxes

Kindergarten students at Design 39 Campus share who they are on cardboard boxes that are hung from the ceiling to display who students are.


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Build Relationships: I invest time to get to know my learners and for my learners to know me. (Authentic-Spark Collaboration)

Plan & Design for Equitable SEL: I design learning experiences that develop social and emotional skills and model my own social-emotional learning for learners.