Personalized Learning Strategy:

Use Tech Tools to Personalize Instruction

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Provide personalized instruction that meets each student where they are and gives you insight into how the lesson is going. When tech tools are leveraged to provide learning materials for students to work through at their own pace, the educator has time for teacher-student collaboration and 1:1/small group support. Strategies include flipping the classroom, making the live lesson interactive, or leveraging adaptive or AI tools to ensure the content is tailored to each students’ needs.

Bright Spots

Gain inspiration from authentic examples of this strategy shared by teachers who have used them with their learners.

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Leverage AI Tools

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Leverage AI tools like ChatGPT to personalize prompts, passages, etc based on your students and their interests.

Leverage AI Tools

Students create “Fliptoks” – TikTok-style videos in Flip to share the three lessons they learned from the novel they chose to read.

Instructional Videos

Students at VIDA experience flipped instruction. In small groups, learners watch an engineering video as direct instruction to guide their collaborative group work in class.

Virtual Reality Art

Learners at VIDA utilize VR to design and create NFTs out of their own art.


Inspired? Use the resources below to bring this learner-centered strategy to your learning community.

🧰 Create your own video lessons to flip instruction: Edpuzzle or Powtoon

🧰 Check out Peardeck or Nearpod to pose quick formative questions, take live polls, and collect voice from all students

📖 6 Ways to Jam on Jamboard: Using the Digital Whiteboard in a Hybrid Classroom

🧰 Check out pre-built templates 

📖 Explore the ULTIMATE Google Slides teacher resource

🧰 Find adaptive online experiences: Khan Academy or IXL

🧰 Leverage ChatGPT or other AI tools to personalize content based on students interests; check out our mini course on AI in Education

🧰 Learn how to assign FlipToks + a template created by Holly Clark for learner drafting

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Leverage Technology:
I use technology to efficiently track progress, engage learners in different ways, and offer academic supports.

Provide Voice and Choice:
I design learning experiences that offer flexibility in process, product and/or pace.