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Catalyst is a quarterly newsletter from Devin Vodicka featuring learner-centered insights and resources for educators, leadership teams, and change-makers. In each edition of Catalyst, Devin shares insights, learnings, and resources about the learner-centered education movement. Browse this collection to read past editions of Catalyst and explore what you missed! Join the conversation! Get the latest newsletter and new editions of Catalyst delivered directly your inbox sign up here. Winter 2023: A Framework to Come back To Time and Time Again Back to School 2022: Looking Ahead to a Learner-Centered School Year Spring 2022: Spring into a Learner-Centered Summer Winter ...

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Rethinking College and Career Readiness in a Hybrid World

The shift to more flexible, hybrid models in both college and career is happening at the same time as our education system is reverting back to a rigid, seat-time based system that was designed for a different era. Explore how we can best prepare students to be flexible, self-directed learners and contributors to society.

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  • 4 Elements of Trust

The Four Elements of Trust

Research reveals that there are four elements of relational trust: consistency, compassion, competence, and communication. The balance of these four elements leads to relational trust. Every leader has to determine their own mix to develop the trust that is key for success in a community of change.

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The connection between anti-racism and learner-centered education

A learner-centered paradigm, which begins with a respect for the jagged intersectionality of our unique identities, is required if we are to achieve our aspirations of reducing systemic inequalities in education and beyond. Explore how learner-centered education empowers learners to develop their unique identity through exercising agency in pursuit of real-world problem-solving.

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Learner-Centered Leadership Introduction

It’s time for the education establishment to acknowledge that the world is changing too quickly and too completely to know, today, what every student should learn for tomorrow. It’s changed so much that even the notion of all students seems too reductive and liable to erase the experiences, interests, and potential of too many students. It’s time to find an education that can respond to each student. A truly learner-centered education. Let me give you an example.

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How to Test Less

Standardized testing can be time consuming and fall short on providing meaningful assessments. Capturing progress at every step is a better way to gauge student growth and offer continuous support.

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