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4 Examples of Learner-Centered Leaders Challenging the Status Quo

Get to know four learner-centered leaders whose actions inspire others to think big, take risks, learn from challenges, and share their learning process as they iterate, grow and, ultimately, make impactful changes toward more learner-centered models of education.

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What Does Your Ideal Learning Environment Look Like?

Leaders commonly use strategic plans or vision statements that describe the desire to develop life-long learners, global citizens, critical thinkers, and the like, yet a misalignment often occurs between the vision, policies, and practices. The tension between what we say we want our students to know and be able to do and what we prioritize and assess often tell a different story.

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To Engage Students, Focus on Connection Over Content

It’s important to understand how student’s emotions impact their attention, engagement, and what they learn. Scheduling time with each student to connect, learn more about their circumstances, their goals, and ideas, created a different dynamic that built empathy and allowed for more personalization and meaningful connection. Students also recommend, reaching out via text, calling them or just checking in every so often.

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Chapter 3: Designing the Culture for Learning and Innovation

In the 2013–2014 school year, I was on Washington Middle School’s campus regularly. I was supervising teacher candidates at a local university, and as the newest member of the team, I ended up being placed at Washington—the most challenging of schools. I vividly remember walking down the halls marked with yellow caution lines to indicate on which side the kids were expected to walk.

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