Bright Spots is a weekly source of learner-centered inspiration featuring examples of best practices happening in schools and districts today. In each edition of Bright Spots, I share research, strategies, and examples about what is possible and actually happening for learners. Bright Spots inspires and encourages a shift to a more learner-centered paradigm. Browse this collection to read past editions of Bright Spots and explore what you missed!

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July 2024: Slowing Down to Go Fast

June 2024: Finding Passions and Interests Through Reading | Change Moves at the Speed of Trust | See Them, Know Them, Grow Them

May 2024: How Micro-Schools Create Dual Operating Systems | The Impact of a Teacher | What Learning Ecosystems Look Like | Putting People Over Percentages

April 2024: Lifting Each Other Up | Pausing to Move the Work Forward | Leveraging AI to Meet Learner Needs | The Power of Focusing on the Whole Child

March 2024: Defenses of Learning in Action | Responsible and Effective Use of AI | Developing Mastery From the Beginning | When You Know Better, Do Better

February 2024: The Workshop Model | Belonging, trust, and flourishing in education | Permission to Try AI | Doing authentic work that matters, matters

January 2024: Give your goals a scorecard | Who is doing the thinking in your classroom? | Little kids solving big problems | Learning by Teaching


December 2023: Keeping the Kids the Main Thing | Making the most of entrances and exits | Goal-setting and reflecting throughout the year

November 2023: A learner profile explained, by students | A scorecard that measures what matters | What Students Wish Parents Knew | Designing with Learners

October 2023: Making Meaningful Connections | Agency, a throughline from classroom to career | Outcomes from an innovation cohort | A groundbreaking research partnership

September 2023: A true turnaround story | Career and Technical Education | The Consultancy Protocol | Participation Strategies

August 2023: Reading, learning, and evolving is better with colleagues! | Guiding your students into the new year | Back to School Bingo | Modeling a culture of joy

July 2023: The Evolving Role of the Educator in the Age of AI | Shifting professional learning from compliance to empowerment | Prioritizing Play | Getting to know learners

June 2023: End of Year Reflection Protocol | Turning Ideas Into Action | Growing connections with our students and our own children | The power of reflection and how to ensure it happens | The power of a network

May 2023: Celebrating 100 Bright Spots | Learning From Mistakes | Believing in Learners | Celebrating Learning at the End of the Year |

April 2023: Competency-based Assessment and Reporting | Best Middle School Practices | Universal Vision for Learners | Inextricable Link of Engagement and Belonging

March 2023: 7 Norms for Collaboration | Student Hosts | A Joyful Middle School Experience | Learner-Driven Action Research | Flexible Seating and Spaces

February 2023: Micro-Schools | Protocols for Collaboration | Sparking Collaboration with Learners | Hear from a Learner-Centered Teacher

January 2023: The Power in Observing Colleagues | Guiding Students Towards the Future | Integrating New Learning Models | A Broader View of Success


December 2022: Moving from Survive to Thrive | Rising to Our Goals | New Year Intentions

November 2022: Micro-Credentials for Professional Learning | The Power of Classroom Visits | Connecting Students to the World

October 2022: A Competency-Based Approach | Connecting With Those Who Lift You Up | Cultivating Authentic Leaders | Sharing Impactful Practices

September 2022: Engaging with Parents | Design for Learning | Empowering Educators as Learners | Learner-Centered is Not a Free-For-All | Personalized Learning Plans

August 2022: Evolving in Practice | New Beginnings in Our Practice | New School Year, Meaningful Connections | Putting Vision into Practice

July 2022: Using Models for Ideas | Collaboration at the Heart of Our Work | 365 Days of Learner-Centered Collaborative | What’s possible with Online School

June 2022: Empowering Educators | Meaningful Connection | Leading by Listening | Education is a Team Sport | Using Digital Tools

May 2022: Celebrating Teachers | Sparking Agency in Learners | Let Learners Demonstrate Their Learning | A Moment of Connection and Healing

April 2022: Meeting Learners’ Needs | Listening to Learners | Creating Space for Learners to Shine | One Year of Bright Spots

March 2022: Collaboration Through Community | Professional Learning | Learners Rising | Profile of a Graduate | Empowering Teachers

February 2022: Develop Student Agency | Sense of Belonging | Celebrating Our Colleagues | Get Curious in Class

January 2022: Happy New Year | Meet Learners Where They Are | Conversations to Actions | Learning With and from Others


December 2021: Beyond the Classroom | Give Learners What They Need | What We’ve Learned This Year

November 2021: Connect Aspiration with Practice | Whole Child Learning | Intention and Reflection | A Message of Gratitude

October 2021: Empathizing with Learners | Re-thinking Assessment Strategies | Reimagining Technology | Rise by Lifting Others

September 2021: Transforming Vision to Action | Reimagining the Learning Process | Measuring What Matters | Celebrating Students’ Success | The Future of Education

August 2021: Celebrating Learners | Evolving Education Book Release | Authentic Learning Experiences | Fostering Learners’ Curiosity

July 2021: Collaborating for a Learner-Centered Future | Shaping Learner Outcomes

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