Design for Equitable Collaboration: I design collaborative group work that engages and stretches each learner, allowing them to demonstrate desired learning outcomes

Authentic Learning Strategy:

Create Group Roles

When learners are working in groups, they need to have clear roles and expectations that support the group’s success. In smaller collaborative learning experiences such as a group discussion, those roles may include timekeeper, scribe, reporter, facilitator, etc. In more complex group projects, student roles should be more meaningful, which may mean that they complete different tasks than their group mates or that they contribute to the group in unique ways.

Bright Spots

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Meaningful and Authentic to the Task

At the Farm Lab in Encinitas Unified School District, middle school students participate in a Salad Wars project during which each member of the group has a different role such as advertiser, nutrition specialist, chef, logo team, and marketer. Each student’s role is meaningful and authentic to the task and requires their contribution to meet the team goals.


Well-Defined Roles

In small collaborative activities or discussions, having team roles such as facilitator, timekeeper, recorder and reporter keep the group on track. However, it’s important to ensure that roles rotate so someone isn’t always the timekeeper and that learners in those roles are still involved in the discussion or group activity.

Cooperative Learning Contract

Source: Mr. Mayes on Twitter

These roles for PE class help promote individual accountability in daily collaborative activities and can be rotated throughout the year.


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