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Authentic Learning Strategy:

Make Group Progress Visible

Create a way to display group progress during collaborative work blocks to keep track of progress as a class. A few ways that you might do this include:

  • Create a physical or digital timeline and plot student groups using post-its or magnets to show where they are in the project based on deadlines
  • Create a spreadsheet and display it to show progress
  • Use timers and ask groups to create goals to complete within a certain timeframe. They can write their goals on the board or on chart paper and check in at the end of each timer.
  • Leverage project management software that is used in the real world for students to keep track of their work

Bright Spots

Gain inspiration from authentic examples of this strategy shared by teachers who have used them with their learners.

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Openly Display Progress

In a Spanish class, students can see a spreadsheet of the different milestones in the project displayed for each group including group roles. This is displayed throughout the project to support learners to keep track of their progress.


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