Competency-Based Learning Strategy:

Provide Peer Feedback Protocols

NOTE: This strategy is part of the self-paced Use Assessment as a Tool for Learning Course

Introduce feedback protocols to students that provide a structure for giving high-quality peer feedback. Example protocols include: 

  • Warm & cool feedback
  • 2 stars and 1 wish
  • 1 glow and 1 grow
  • I like, I wish, I wonder

Bright Spots

Gain inspiration from authentic examples of this strategy shared by teachers who have used them with their learners.

Creating your own Bright Spots? Let’s get them out into the world! Share yours here.

TAG Protocol

Students use the TAG protocol to tell their partner something they like, ask a question about their work, and give a specific suggestion. The teacher provided them with sentence stems to help with their feedback.

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After sharing information through direct instruction, after watching a video or reading a text, use the think-pair-share strategy to ask students to reflect on their thinking and share it with someone else. You can then call on a handful of volunteers to share with the entire class if you like.

Friends Feedback

Students at Chico Country Day School use a critical friends protocol to provide each other feedback on their science myths.

2 Stars and 1 Wish Feedback Protocol

Source: Mrs. Avci (Miss Bainbridge) on Twitter

Students gave each other feedback using the 2 Stars and 1 Wish feedback protocol on their opinion brochures.


Inspired? Use the resources below to bring this learner-centered strategy to your learning community.

📺 Watch Austin’s Butterfly video to see the power of models and peer feedback

📖 Explore & download protocols for peer critique and feedback from EL Education

📖 Take a look at Catlin Tucker’s peer feedback choice board.

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Associated Learner-Centered Competencies:

Promote Effective Feedback:
I create opportunities for learners to receive effective feedback from me, their peers, and others to support the learning process.

Develop Collaboration Skills:
I design and facilitate learning experiences that foster students’ collaboration skills.

Build Community with Learners:
I build learners’ ability to be in a community with others, especially those of different backgrounds, identities, and strengths.