Competency-Based Learning Strategy:

Use Data Trackers

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When learners track their own progress, assessment for learning (formative assessment) quickly becomes assessment as learning. Learners figure out where they are in their learning and how they learn best, which is powerful. Ideally, learners track their proficiency in specific skills, standards, or competencies – this can be done on paper or digitally.

Be sure to create time and space for learners to both track and reflect on their learning.

Bright Spots

Gain inspiration from authentic examples of this strategy shared by teachers who have used them with their learners.

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Visualize Your Learning

Visualize Your Learning leverages individual data trackers using Google Sheets with learners to track their mastery throughout a unit. Students have time in class to both set up their trackers and self-assess their progress. Here is a starter template.

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Kristne Annini, an upper-elementary teacher has her learners track their progress toward course competencies in a data binder.

Essential Math Targets

Source: Beth Head on Twitter

Kindergarten students keep track of their progress on essential math targets using a highlighter on a 1-4 scale.


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Assess formatively:
I frequently use a variety of formative assessment methods, including self-assessment, to monitor progress and guide educators’ and learners’ next steps in the learning process.

Encourage Goal-Setting and Reflection:
I provide opportunities and supports for learners to set goals, create action plans and regularly reflect on their progress.