Competency-Based Learning Strategy:

Encourage Retakes & Test Corrections

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Error-analysis stations

At Drew Middle School in Talladega County Schools in Alabama, you will find error analysis stations throughout the hallways. By digging into the errors, students gain valuable insights into their thinking and any misconceptions they have.

Test Corrections aren’t just for math and science 

Show your work

Photo source: Rocklin USD

You can ask learners to correct their answers in any subject. In math or science you can ask them to show their work and in humanities classes you can ask for an explanation and evidence like in the example above.


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Emphasize the Iterative Process:
I maintain a focus on high expectations for achievement while providing feedback and opportunities for practice, revision, and improvement.

Highlight the Process of Thinking:
I use metacognitive strategies to model my thinking process and have learners think about and share their thinking.