Personalized Learning Strategy:

Interview Learners

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Feedback from learners is a gift and although surveys provide valuable information, an interview is an opportunity to ask open-ended questions and truly listen. Different from surveys, interviewing learners, whether it be in a 1:1 setting, as a small focus group or a large forum, allows for more nuanced responses and follow-up questions that can help you, the educator, better understand the student perspective. Start with asking learners what is working for them, then ask them what they would change and why. One fun way to do that is to ask learners, “if you had a magic wand, what would you change about our class/school?”

Bright Spots

Gain inspiration from authentic examples of this strategy shared by teachers who have used them with their learners.

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1:1 Meetings

Erin Kahn, a middle school science teacher, sits 1:1 with a learner to ask about what she likes about her science class and what she would change.

Focus Groups

student focus group

The Superintendent of Muhlenberg County Schools listens to middle school students share their experiences at school in a student focus group event.


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Solicit feedback:
I solicit learners’ feedback about their classroom experience and use it to improve and iterate.