Personalized Learning Strategy:

Provide Non-Verbal Options for Participation

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Not all learners are prepared to participate by speaking out loud. Technology can be used to provide polls or virtual chat spaces, such as polleverywhere, mentimeter, and padlet. If you want a low-tech way for students to non-verbally participate, have them write on post-it notes, use hand signals or write on whiteboards that they raise in the air. These opportunities provide ways for learners to engage in the thinking and share their thoughts equitably.

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Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down

During this formative check for understanding, this kindergarten teacher at Chico Country Day School is able to have all learners participate at the same time by having them use nonverbal symbols to answer the questions. This helps each learner do the mental work of answering each question and allows the teacher to ensure that all learners are understanding the concept.

Participation Cards

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