Personalized Learning Strategy:

Support Learners in Understanding Themselves

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In order for learners to make high-quality decisions about their learning, they need to develop a strong sense of self. Who am I? What are my strengths? How do I learn best? As educators, we can support this self-discovery through use of frameworks, tools, and time for self-reflection and exploration. If frameworks are leveraged, remember to message any results as informative references, not absolute truths. Do not use personality tests to label, categorize, or define students. Rather, use them to facilitate introspection.

Bright Spots

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Learner Self-Assessments

Students at Batesville High School in Indiana take the DISC Assessment to understand their strengths, motivators, and how best to engage with others.

Personality Tests

Miss G uses a Personality Test for middle school English students to better understand themselves. This one-pager is filled in after students complete either online 16 Personalities test or Personality Perfect. Please be aware that if you facilitate the 16 Personalities version, the results include a section on “Romantic Relationships;” you’ll want students to skip that.


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Provide Voice and Choice:
I design learning experiences that offer flexibility in process, product and/or pace.

Prepare learners for their next steps in life: I provide age-appropriate and individualized career exploration, planning, and connections counseling to help each learner explore, plan, and take the necessary steps to navigate their path in college, career, and life.