San Diego (CA), July 31, 2023—Learner-Centered Collaborative (LCC) and the Department of Education Studies at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership to establish a research collaboration that will drive innovative, learner-centered advancements in education. This partnership, which combines the academic rigor of UCSD with the practical experience of LCC, is poised to transform teaching practices and enhance learner outcomes.

LCC is a leading organization dedicated to promoting learner-centered education and empowering educators to create inclusive and engaging learning environments. UCSD is a renowned research institution committed to academic excellence and innovation. Together, LCC and UCSD will embark on a research collaboration that aims to address critical challenges in education, develop evidence-based solutions that have real-world impact, and disseminate findings to contribute to the broader education community and influence policy and practice. 

The partnership between LCC and UCSD will focus on collaborative research projects that explore innovative approaches to personalized learning, competency-based assessment, and effective teaching strategies, among other key areas of inquiry. 

“We are excited to partner with UC San Diego to accelerate our progress to a future where all learners know themselves, thrive in community, and actively engage in the world as their best selves,” said Devin Vodicka, CEO at Learner-Centered Collaborative. “This collaboration will allow us to combine our practical experience with UCSD’s academic rigor to generate evidence-based solutions that have a real impact.”

By pooling the expertise of LCC and UCSD, this research partnership is uniquely positioned to develop and implement evidence-based solutions that improve policies and practices at local, regional, and national levels, leading to positive systemic changes and improved educational outcomes for learners. Specifically, it will yield the following outcomes:

  • Research Excellence: The collaboration will enhance the quality and impact of both organizations, leading to evidence-based practices that promote learner-centered education.
  • Innovation and Scalability: Joint research projects will contribute to the development of innovative educational solutions that can be scaled and implemented across diverse educational settings.
  • Network Expansion: The partnership will facilitate the expansion of professional networks, enabling researchers, educators, and policymakers to collaborate and share insights, fostering a vibrant learning community.
  • Policy Influence: By disseminating research findings, the partnership will contribute to evidence-based policymaking in the field of education at local, regional, and national levels, leading to positive systemic changes and improved educational outcomes for learners.
  • Student Impact: The collaborative research efforts will directly benefit students by disseminating and implementing evidence-based strategies and interventions that contribute to student success, engagement, and well-being.

The partnership will also encompass existing projects with Encinitas Union School District and Del Mar Union School District, which are already underway. These research practice partnerships are focused on supporting the districts in assessing and meeting goals through using high-quality instruments and social science methods.

“This groundbreaking research partnership between LCC, UCSD, and the school districts underscores our unwavering commitment to collaborating with local educational communities,” added Devin Vodicka. “By combining our expertise with UCSD’s rigorous research capabilities, we have a unique opportunity to leverage evidence-informed practices that address the specific needs of schools and districts. Together, we can co-create innovative solutions that not only improve learning outcomes but also foster a learner-centered approach, shaping the future of education.”

The collaboration will foster knowledge dissemination through academic publications, conferences, and workshops, ensuring that research findings and best practices are shared with the broader education community. 

“We are delighted to collaborate with LCC on this transformative equity focused research initiative,” said Alan J. Daly, Professor at UC San Diego. “By combining our expertise, resources, and experience, we have a unique opportunity to make significant advancements in education and positively impact learners, educators, and educational systems.”

The partnership between LCC and UCSD is aligned with their shared commitment to promoting learner-centered education, fostering innovation, and creating inclusive and equitable learning environments. It represents a significant step towards revolutionizing education practices and ensuring every student has the opportunity to thrive. Importantly, this partnership will provide an opportunity to better understand system change in public school systems. 


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Media Contact: 

Devin Vodicka
CEO, Learner-Centered Collaborative 

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