New powerhouse Board of Directors commits to learner-centered movement that empowers all students to know themselves, thrive in community, and actively engage in the world as their best selves.


August 12, 2021—SAN FRANCISCO, CA— Mission-driven organization Learner-Centered Collaborative has announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to become a not-for-profit and seek 501(c)(3) status. This development reflects the ongoing evolution from its origins as a Public Benefit Corporation and certified B-Corp.

Learner-Centered Collaborative—led by Dr. Devin Vodicka, Chief Executive Officer, author, and former Superintendent, and Dr. Katie Martin, Chief Impact Officer, author, speaker, educator, and coach—partners with educators to define whole-learner outcomes, design meaningful learning experiences, and create the enabling conditions on their unique journey to inclusive and equitable learner-centered education. Joining Drs. Vodicka and Martin at the helm is a team of all female vice-presidents with deep education practice and leadership experience.

As a not-for-profit, Learner-Centered Collaborative will be uniquely positioned in the education space to focus its efforts on further expanding learner-centered models of education and extending its impact through philanthropic support, government funding, and other collaborative endeavors.

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This change will result in a governance structure that will include a new Board of Directors that is committed to new models of education that will better serve the whole-child. Once the conversion to a not-for-profit occurs, the Board of Learner-Centered Collaborative will include the following:

  • Devin Vodicka is the CEO of Learner-Centered Collaborative and the author of Learner-Centered Leadership. He was honored as California Superintendent of the Year during his tenure with Vista Unified School District.
  • Tina Fernandez is the Executive Director of Achieve Atlanta and former Director of Pro-Bono programs at the University of Texas School of Law. She is also a Board Member for Latinos for Education.
  • Joseph South is the Chief Learning Officer at ISTE and former Director of the Office of Educational Technology at US Department of Education. He has a PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University.
  • Kelly Young is the Executive Director and President of Education Reimagined. She earned her Doctor of Law degree from Georgetown University.

In addition, this change will mark the end of the AltSchool corporation. This shift comes with immense gratitude for all who have supported the bold vision of our organization since its inception in 2013, including founder and Board member Max Ventilla. The microschools continue to serve students through the Higher Ground Education network, and the learner-centered technology platform that was developed in the schools remains in use throughout the Learner-Centered Collaborative partnership community, providing ongoing benefits for students across the United States.

The conversion to a not-for-profit will occur by way of a merger of AltSchool, PBC with Learner-Centered Collaborative, a newly-formed entity. The transaction was approved on behalf of AltSchool, PBC by the independent members of its Board of Directors and is subject to shareholder approval and the completion by mid-October of a process whereby AltSchool will solicit alternative acquisition proposals from third parties. The Board of Directors will fully evaluate any proposal received, and has the right under the agreement to opt to pursue an alternative transaction instead of the contemplated conversion to a non-profit.


Learner-Centered Collaborative is an educator-run organization built on decades of experiencing first-hand what works, what’s challenging, and what’s possible in education. Guided by the enduring truth that a learner-centered approach is the foundation for a successful, thriving learning community, Learner-Centered Collaborative partners with educators, schools, districts, and states to define whole-learner outcomes, design meaningful learning experiences, and create the enabling conditions for success on their unique journey to inclusive and equitable learner-centered education. Learn more



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