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Evidence of Impact Report October 2019

As we shift to learner-centered education, we will need to also expand our view of success to include new measures of success. As a result, we have developed a Framework that emphasizes critical learner outcomes of Agency, Collaboration, and Real-World Problem Solving. Over time, we will be providing updates on these measures to evaluate and inform our efforts. This brief includes highlights of evidence we have seen to date.

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Making Competency-Based Learning Visible For All Learners eBook

What does a post-industrial educational system need to measure in order to better prepare all learners for an era of accelerating change? How can we leverage a wider range of inputs for more holistic and actionable measurements of success? Schools are increasingly adopting learner-centered assessment approaches to measure academic and social-emotional competencies alongside new inputs that capture the skills necessary for success today. Competency-based learning practices honor that all learners are unique, they progress at varying paces, and can demonstrate aptitude in different ways.

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Fostering Learner Agency From the District Office to the Classroom eBook

As the world continues to evolve and change, there is an increasingly urgent call to create schools that equip learners with the academic and social skills that are critical for success in work, life, and citizenship in our world today. Many educators recognize the diverse strengths and challenges that children come to school with and understand that to truly develop and grow unique individuals we cannot teach in a standardized way. Transitioning from a teacher-centered to a learner-centric model is very challenging. The shift in practices can have profound effects in every corner of a district, from the facilities office to the classroom. The key to collective success in a school community is the learner voice, and embracing learner agency leads to a stronger, more cohesive learning community.

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Creating Authentic Learning Experiences to Develop Real World Problem Solvers eBook

Transforming education to best prepare learners for success in today’s world requires an intentional, coordinated approach throughout a learning community. Leadership sets the stage to create the enabling conditions for change, teams collaborate to develop educator capacity, and everyone—from the district office to the classroom—contributes to scale and sustain practices. Learning happens through life experiences—not just in the classroom. An authentic approach to learning enables students to use their strengths and interests so they can solve problems that matter to them, creating both strong problem solvers and creative innovators.

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Texas Learning Exchange Launches New Resources to Help Education Leaders Drive Success During Uncertain Times

Texas Learning Exchange Launches New Resources to Help Education Leaders Drive Success During Uncertain Times. Guides and curated OER library provide real-time support for hybrid and distance learning.

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  • The Wooster School

Wooster School: A Competency-Based Chemistry Classroom

Founded in 1926, Wooster School has a long history of putting students and their learning at the center of all that they do. As a member of the Mastery Transcript Consortium, Wooster is among a number of forward-thinking schools collaborating to create a high school transcript that reflects the unique skills, strengths, and interests of each learner. Committed to making learning personal, meaningful, visible, and fun, Wooster is using the Altitude Learning platform to facilitate their continued progress towards more learner-centered, competency-based education.

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