Bright Spots is a weekly source of learner-centered inspiration featuring examples of best-practices happening in schools and districts today. In each edition of Bright Spots, I share research, strategies, and examples about what is possible and actually happening for learners. Bright Spots inspires and encourages a shift to a more learner-centered paradigm. Browse this collection to read past editions of Bright Spots and explore what you missed!

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July 2021: Collaborating for a Learner-Centered Future | Shaping Learner Outcomes

August 2021: Celebrating Learners | Evolving Education Book Release | Authentic Learning Experiences | Fostering Learners’ Curiosity

September 2021: Transforming Vision to Action | Reimagining the Learning Process | Measuring What Matters | Celebrating Students’ Success | The Future of Education

October 2021: Empathizing with Learners | Re-thinking Assessment Strategies | Reimagining Technology | Rise by Lifting Others

November 2021: Connect Aspiration with Practice | Whole Child Learning | Intention and Reflection | A Message of Gratitude

December 2021: Beyond the Classroom | Give Learners What They Need | What We’ve Learned This Year

January 2022: Happy New Year | Meet Learners Where They Are | Conversations to Actions | Learning With and from Others

February 2022: Develop Student Agency | Sense of Belonging | Celebrating Our Colleagues | Get Curious in Class

March 2022: Collaboration Through Community | Professional Learning | Learners Rising | Profile of a Graduate | Empowering Teachers

April 2022: Meeting Learners’ Needs | Listening to Learners | Creating Space for Learners to Shine | One Year of Bright Spots

May 2022: Celebrating Teachers | Sparking Agency in Learners | Let Learners Demonstrate Their Learning | A Moment of Connection and Healing

June 2022: Empowering Educators

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