Delivering on a Framework for Achieving the Gold Standard in Virtual Education

Compass Charter Schools

Delivering on a Framework for Achieving the Gold Standard in Virtual Education

Virtual, TK-12 public charter schools
Serving 2,500+ scholars across 18 northern and southern California counties


Framework for the Future, Leadership Development, Coaching, Book Study, LCAP Development, Communication Planning, Personalized Professional Development Aligned to Competencies, Staff Development and Retreats, New Hire Onboarding Planning.


Compass Charter Schools is charting toward their goal to set the “Gold Standard” in virtual education. Recognizing that such work impacts every aspect of a school from the support staff to the leadership team to the scholars and parents, the team at Compass partnered with Learner-Centered Collaborative to develop and bring to life a Framework for the Future to guide all facets of their work for the next 4 years and beyond. 


The collaboratively developed Framework for the Future was grounded in community input from the scholar leadership council, parent advisory council, staff advisory committee, leadership team, and the Board of Directors. With a clear and aligned framework, our partnership has continued to set the enabling conditions that will deliver on the vision and bring the framework to life among educators and scholars in a learning community, including: defining scholar outcomes, developing the strategic LCAP plan, supporting with school-wide professional learning throughout the year, and individual monthly or bi-monthly mentoring for all Compass Managers, executive leadership, and coordinators. This program is driven by each employee in service of creating a developmentally driven support system whereby the employee drives the learning agenda, looking not just at the professional’s current job function but beyond, taking a more holistic approach to career development.


  • Developed Framework for the Future, anchored in Compass’ mission, vision, and values.
  • Identified desired scholar profile: community leader, effective collaborator, confident learner, innovator.
  • Defined the learning experiences needed to achieve learner outcomes: personalized, authentic, competency-based, equitable & inclusive
  • Coached 60+ leaders toward achieving personalized goals related to current job function and personal career development.
  • Over 90% of coaching participants reported confidence in their ability to fulfill their roles and responsibilities and that they were meaningfully contributing to their team’s success.
  • Developed an employee personalized growth model and professional development pathways plan aligned to the framework
  • Rewrote over 50 job descriptions to align to framework
  • Collaborated to design and lead 4-day back-to-school staff training

It was refreshing to work with the team at the Learner-Centered Collaborative, in conjunction with our team at Compass. Together—we dreamed about the trajectory of Compass and how we can continue to model Gold Standard work in service to our scholars while strengthening our personalized learning approach to ensure our scholars are well-equipped and better prepared to take responsibility for their future … our ultimate vision at Compass.

– J.J. Lewis, Superintendent & CEO, Compass Charter Schools

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